Awaken Your Most Divine Self in Our Temple:

  • Unlock your fullest aliveness through sacred embodiment rituals
  • Cultivate self-intimacy and soulful listening
  • Heal past hurts by learning to hold your hurt with love first
  • Craft an altar to passion where your enthusiasm is ignited
  • Become a visionary creator who births her desires
  • Learn sacred practices for harnessing energy
  • Relinquish the need to rush, prove and preform.
  • Lead with empowered self-care into your days
  • Redefine a life lived on purpose by your creative expression
  • Make space for playfulness + creativity to guide you
  • Trust innate mystical knowing rising within your body
  • Unapologetically express your voice and vision
  • Magnetize support for your boldest dreams
  • Rewrite limiting stories into tales of triumph

It's Time - 16-Week Soma

Awakening Your Untamed Self!

Imagine waking each morning feeling fully rested, starting your day with intention, having the boldness to say YES to what aligns with your priorities, and still feeling inspired with energy left over to enjoy pursuing your passions and wild heart...

You know you’re meant for a life of fierce alignment, one where purpose matches your inner joy. A life where honoring emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness is the foundation of your WHY. So what do you say...shall we bring out that inner cheerLEADER in you, the one leading from the feminine flow?

Are you ready to pursue what matters most to your heart? Aim to please you with healthy boundaries and build a secure sense of self-presence. Are you ready to live a life of alignment and inspiration? This course is for you.

Join a community that is devoted to living each day with self-love as the foundation. Heal somatically in the mind and body to reframe your thoughts, actions, and beliefs to flow in the direction of what you desire. You no longer need to be defined by your past experiences. Discover the keys to unlocking sustainable energy. Harness your life force with mastery and grace.

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There’s a better way. Rediscover your joy and purpose through our powerful online course.

In this comprehensive 16-week Time Mastery online course you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome chronic overwhelm and burnout
  • The secret to balancing all your responsibilities without sacrificing your needs with a regulated nervous system
  • How to set empowering priorities and confidently say no to the inner critic's demands
  •  The key to consistently achieving goals through motivation and celebration
  • Techniques to manage your energy, not just your schedule
  • How to tap into intuition and “go with the flow” vs rigid plans
  • Mindset shifts to reduce perfectionism, self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Personalized solutions for your unique time management challenges

You'll Leave knowing How To:

  • Have healthy time management skills and habits
  • Set empowering priorities and boundaries
  • Tap into motivation fueled by your WHY and consistently achieve goals
  • Manage energy, not just schedules
  • How to self-manage and self-care for emotional wellness
  • Trust your intuition and “go with the flow”
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs of the inner critic and self-sabotage
  • Live and lead with purpose and self-trust
  • Please YOU and let go of people-pleasing
  • Live on your terms by trailblazing your path
  • Somatic orienting, share your heartfelt vision and mission and align your energy to harmony and balance in living wholeheartedly
I am ready to lead myself with love.

My best life Starts with honoring me. Align energy flow to your priorities. Radical responsibility happens when you show up.

I am ready to be motivated by my reasons.

From people-pleaser to boundary boss.

Leading with an inspired heart with mindset moves to step into your power.

I am ready to trust in the process of lasting growth.

Power your purpose through embodied energy. Tune into needs through body-wisdom. Move with life's rhythm on your OWN terms!


Alicia provides live mentorship 3X a month on Zoom and in your student portal over the 16 weeks.

With the course, you will be able to leave comments for questions or reflections. This feature in the community will be open on an ongoing basis.

Hi, I’m Alicia an energy alchemist.

As your guide, my purpose is to support you in unleashing your highest goals and most heartfelt dreams through aligned action. , I've developed proven rituals to help women tune into their truest longings and move confidently toward making them a reality.
My method centers inner wisdom and deep listening as the keys that unlock sustainable motivation and energy flow. Once excuses, limiting beliefs, and distractions are compassionately cleared, we'll invoke your Core Power to propel purpose.
I am an energy alignment coach, dedicated to guiding others on the journey to mastering their mindset and energy flow to stop self-sabotage and step confidently into purpose.