Learn how to establish a healthy relationship with yourself by prioritizing your health, wealth, love and self expression. Embody what it means to live wholeheartedly in the present moment. Dare yourself to to break-free from the limitations that keep you stuck from taking full responsibility for your spiritual health and wellbeing. You are the creator of how you choose to spend your time. Heal your relationship with your inner critic by optimizing your productivity from a place of less force and instead more ease, contentment and acceptance. You can experience trust in pursuing your passions on purpose.

Discover new ways of leading yourself home to your hearts highest excitement. Let go of habits, beliefs and fears that stand in the way of your success. You will gain the tools that are necessary to help you thrive. This is for ambitious professionals who are ready to step out of their excuses and into their reasons.

Join a community that is devoted to living each day with self love as the foundation. Heal somatically in the mind and body to reframe your thoughts, actions, beliefs to flow in the direction of what you desire. You no longer need to be defined from your past experiences. Change your perspective and watch your TRUTH reflect what it truly means to cultivate compassion and healthy boundaries in all your relationships. See beyond the stories of the overwhelm, separation and the victim mindset.

I am ready to commit to taking full responsibility in prioritizing my needs by aligning with my thoughts, actions and beliefs. I confidently move in the direction of my true north.

Embody a harmonious a relationship with your core values, personal boundaries and time management. You can always honor the choice that is in service to pursuing your goals with integrity to your overall health and well-being. Self love is not selfish. You are the only one who stands in the way of your success. You are not the stories you tell yourself, that keep you stuck on repeat.

I am ready to be motivated by my reasons vs. excuses. I believe in my ability to get out of my way. Through radical love, I confront the outdated with patience in the face of adversity.

Identify the core root cause of why you keep recreating an unwanted experience. Learn how address outdated limiting beliefs with compassion. What you resist, will persist. Get in relationship with understanding your emotions, so you may move from the wound to the wisdom. Valuing all of you is how you take your POWER BACK!

I am ready to trust in the process of overcoming the overwhelm of fears and expectations. I grow into my heartfelt desires and expand my capacity to live wholeheartedly.

Become aware of your inner critic by understanding how to begin to lead with love over fear. Feel empowered in making decisions from the heart VS. the dialogue of your past experiences. Free the victim mindset by becoming the author of your present reality. Re-establish connection to trusting in your ability to pursue your passions on purpose.


Hi, I’m Alicia a productivity expert. I will carve out a road map that focuses on result-driven methods to achieve your goals consistently and efficiently. This will prove to be instrumental to observe what habits keep you stagnant and stuck in moving forward presently.

I am an energy alignment coach, dedicated to helping you overcome fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs – that stand in your way to explore your true potential. I will help you master your emotions and thoughts so you can master your life. By working with me, you will have an opportunity to confront your worries/ fears or lack of boundaries, excuses, and patterns of self-sabotage that inhibit you from success in your goals.